Working With Education Suppliers

We work with a number of resellers that supply into education. These resellers work closely with educational institutions to uphold the highest standards in delivering excellence into schools, and the quality of our solutions reflect that need.

Supporting The 21st Century Classroom

One of the key elements of a truly 21st century classroom is technology integration; and ensuring systems are up to date is essential in being able to keep up with the demands of a modern education institution. Origin provides resellers with compatible solutions that deliver the best in performance so schools can focus on inspiring creativity and stimulating learning through discovering technology.

Encrypted Devices
Accessories (keyboards, batteries)

Discover Origin Solutions

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HDDs, SSDs, Matched Storage


We supply a wide range of Matched HDD/SSD solutions, NAS and SAN products to meet your customers’ storage needs.

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With new Data Protection laws it is even more important to secure data both at rest and on the move.

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Encrypted Hard Drives, Encrypted Flash Drives, Central Management

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High quality matched memory


Use our easy product selector to find the right high quality matched and certified memory for your system.

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Batteries and adapters for all leading brands, obsolete and legacy spares for Dell and many other OEMs plus docking solutions and keyboards.

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Privacy filters, keyboards, Dell spares

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