Performance SAN System For Enterprise

The XCubeSAN XS3200 is an active-active dual controller SAN (Storage Area Network) storage system series, supporting both iSCSI IP-SAN and FC-SAN with ultra-high performance. It also simplifies SAN deployment in IT infrastructure, combining enterprise-essential features such as thin provisioning, SSD read/write cache, auto tiering, snapshot, local volume clone, remote replication, etc., all in one box.

The XS3200 series features a wide range of form factors including:
XS3224: 4U 24-bay, LFF (Large Form Factor)
  • XS3216: 3U 16-bay, LFF
  • XS3212: 2U 12-bay, LFF
  • XS3226: 2U 26-bay, SFF (Small Form Factor)
All of the critical components in the XS3200 series are hot pluggable and designed with full redundancy.


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