Bring enterprise-class features to SMBs: Cost-effective, affordable, entry-level unified NAS for SMB.


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Unified storage with simple management

TrioNAS consolidates NAS and IP-based iSCSI SAN in one box. Unified storage can help consolidate your IT infrastructure and reduce hardware expenses. You don’t need multiple file servers for SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP, and WebDAV. TrioNAS supports all these protocols in one box including iSCSI. TrioNAS will be your common storage pool that is accessible at either file or block level over existing IP networks. It’s the most cost-effective and efficient storage solution.

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Redundant power supply for better availability

TrioNAS U120 has equipped with redundant power supply modules to increase its availability. It’s rare to see such combination in 1U form factor.

ZFS and RAID protection

TrioNAS adopts ZFS file system, which is a transactional, copy-on-write, crash-free file system with 128-bit huge addressing space. ZFS can detect silent data corruption and has self-healing capability and guarantees end-to-end data integrity. There are abundant RAID levels* to choose from to meet application requirements such as redundancy and performance.

*U120 only supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10.

Q-Turbo offload engines

Q-turbo offload engine includes both SOE (Samba Offload Engine) and ZVIOS (ZFS Volume IO Scheduler) modules, two Qsan innovated in-house IO acceleration technologies. SOE can greatly improves SMB (Small Message Block) protocol performance. ZVIOS can accelerate block IO such as iSCSI protocol performance

More Features

TrioNAS supports using high performance SSD drives as fast storage tiering. SSD caching can greatly improve random IO performance. You can combine SSD drives and SATA drives as a hybrid storage pool and have a net performance result of a pure SAS storage pool.

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Hybrid storage for flexibility and performance. All Qsan NAS product lines can leverage the strengths of SSD drives to become a so-called Hybrid Storage. With SSD caching function, SSD drives act as a fast tier between traditional hard drives and memory to speed up random IO performance.

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Thin provisioning allows just-in-time capacity and allocates storage space that does not exist. You can delay the hard drive purchase until it is absolutely necessary.

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File-level snapshot
File-level snapshot helps IT administrator to retrieve a file as easy as browsing through a directory when things like virus attack and accidental deletion or modification happens. You can rollback the snapshot to a certain point in time in the past or clone the snapshot to become an independent folder.

Block-level snapshot
TrioNAS supports snapshot for block-level storage such as LUN. Using copy-on-write technology, differential data are recorded between two given points in time. You can rollback the snapshot to a certain point in time in the past or clone the snapshot to become an independent LUN.

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TrioNAS supports block-level snapshot-based replication function. It is asynchronous. Remote replication task can be created for folders and LUNs. Only differential data at block level will be replicated to achieve maximum efficiency. Replication function is provided by storage array itself. No host server resources are involved and host servers can remain focusing on mission-critical applications.

When disaster strikes at site A, you can quickly switch to storage array at site B to make sure business continuity and data security.

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McAfee anti-virus to safeguard your files

TrioNAS integrates McAfee’s latest API to support virus scanning function.


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