Origin Inception SSDs

Why SSD?
Solid state drives benefit from high read and write performance speeds due to internal configuration. Unlike a HDD, a solid state drive doesn’t have moving parts and uses a non-volatile flash memory. Their small size means that there can be greater flexibility in upgrading laptop storage as well as desktop storage. SSDs are the recommended choice if speed is your primary concern in upgrading your laptops, desktops, or servers.

Inception SSDs
Origin Storage has its own range of solid state drives. The Inception SSD series offers cost effective, high-capacity storage as well as great performance and reliability. The series supports SATA interface rate of 6Gb/s, ensuring ultra-high performance and low power consumption. High grade MLC or TLC NAND provides blistering performance across all capacities.

Not sure what you need? Try our easy-to-use Product Selector. Origin Inception SSDs will not affect your system’s warranty. You can download a copy of our third party warranty report here.