Origin Storage Re-Certified Solutions Program

Maintaining Legacy Infrastructure

At Origin Storage we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality aftermarket upgrades. We have strong partnerships with the brand leaders in the HDD and SSD marketplace and through those relationships we are able to keep legacy infrastructure running and even re-purposed using our aftermarket solutions. In order to counteract the discontinuation of obsolete parts and to prolong the life of our aftermarket solutions we have teamed up with our market leading partners to obtain their factory recertified drives.

What is a recertified drive?
Recertified means “re-checked” or “re-validated” and are drives which have previously been sold or allocated to EM/integration customers and have then been sent back to the Manufacturer with zero hours useage. These drives then have to pass through the same rigorous standard test processes as applied to new drives. All replacement parts the manufacturers use to recertify drives are purchased from the original approved supplier and thus meet or exceed the original stringent design specifications.

Recertified or refurbished?
Refurbished drives might offer a slightly more cost effective option in the short term, however, you have no real control on when they will fail and further investment is needed. This is because these drives are in most cases already close to their life expectancy; they will have been repaired using the cheapest parts available and with little to no warranty.

recertified drive image

Key Differences


> Zero Power on hours
> Fully rebuilt at the Original Manufacturer (Seagate/WD)
> Years Warranty
> Unmarked and “as new”


> Been used for an undetermined amount of hours
> Rebuilt using any available part by the broker
> 90 Days Warranty
> Typically scratched or blemished