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Find answers to some of our FAQs, If you need further help please feel free to contact us.

How do I find an Alpha SKU if it displays “TBA” next to the product?
You can either search for the product by inputting the Origin part number into Harmony, or call us for help.

Why can I not supply EOL Dell Batteries through the Origin Storage relationship?
Due to recalls on the original D400 batteries, Dell have decided not to supply any third party equivalents. If a customer requires a battery you cannot supply, you can simply provide them with the part number so they can source from an alternative reseller.

What is the warranty on the matched hard drive solutions?
All the Origin Storage matched hard drive solutions come with a minimum of 2 years Advance Replacement warranty, with the Enterprise drives (SAS drives for example) being supplied with a 5 year Advance Replacement Warranty.

What do I do if a part is missing from the Dell Portal?
Please call us and the part can be activated within 48 hours. Dell’s only stipulations are that the part has a run rate, is brand new and is not a battery.

Can Origin Storage supply EMC drives?
The replacement EMC drives are system specific; you can receive a quote by calling us.

Does Origin Storage only supply Dell Spares?
No – the full product range includes encrypted external hard drives, memory keys, external optical drives and Thecus NAS boxes.

Who is my Dell Account Manager?
Luke Smith (Dell UK & Ireland) – Tel: +44 (0) 01256 813971 – Email

Romain Cohen-Gonsaud (Dell Europe) – Tel: +31 (0) 467 111 208 – Email

Konstantin Froese (DACH, PL, CZ, and SK) – Tel: +49(0)211 3905 815 – Email

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