DataLocker PortBlocker

A Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy is essential in a time of digital agility where new threats arise as quickly as older ones are addressed. With the implementation of the GDPR in 2018, it is even more imperative that businesses take steps to protect themselves from data breaches.

DataLocker PortBlocker is a solution managed by SafeConsole that works with removable storage by blocking USB ports; meaning only whitelisted mass storage devices can be mounted of user workstations. You can also control policies for different user groups, as well as view audit logs and activity allowing for a greater monitoring process of your DLP.

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How Does PortBlocker Work?

Always On Protection
Once installed by an Admin, PortBlocker will start automatically and run in the background of the user’s workstation. It cannot be disabled or uninstalled without admin privileges.

Policy Enforcement
Restrict USB mass storage devices through SafeConsole Whitelist policy (VID, PID, and serial number). Policies are updated automatically from SafeConsole.

Real-Time Reporting
Central management of PortBlocker through SafeConsole makes it easy to audit who, what, when, and where a threat occurred.

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Key Features:

  • Limit USB mass storage port access to only whitelisted devices
  • Stop the usage of untrusted USB devices which potentially have malware
  • Reports activity back to SafeConsole to monitor USB port usage