TalkTalk hack data was unencrypted, company says, leaving it open to hackers despite repeated cyber attacks. The hack is the third major incident within the company in the last 12 months, with customers’ information once again being stolen.

talk talk

The customer data that was stolen in the huge TalkTalk hack was left unencrypted, according to the company, meaning that the information will now be easy for anyone that finds it to see.

The site has been hacked twice already this year, but had apparently left its customers’ data exposed for everyone to see by leaving it unencrypted. Encryption is one of the most basic security methods recommended to companies, since it means that only those with a key can actually see the documents so stealing them can be useless.

The firm has announced that millions of people have had their credit card and bank details stolen during what it said was a “significant and sustained cyber attack”. Police launch investigation into cyberattack on TalkTalk website “Not all of the data was encrypted,” the company said in an FAQ on its website. “We constantly review and update our systems to make sure they are as secure as possible. “We’re working with the police and cyber security experts to understand what happened and protect as best we can against similar attacks in future.”

A determined hacker will always find a way in, but not following industry best practice is commercial suicide in today’s always on world. Customers will not forget that a company has been hacked and lost “their” personal data.

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