Origin Storage announces Channel Program Partnership with WinMagic

Origin Storage established provider to many leading IT resellers, announced the launch of its new official Channel Program Partnership with encryption management vendor WinMagic Inc.

The alliance with WinMagic brings award-winning software, SecureDoc, line of products to Origin Storage’s community while delivering comprehensive channel-centric benefits designed specifically for resellers and best in breed self-encrypting drive (SED) technology.

The SecureDoc software manages the credentials for SEDs and, additionally, ensures protection of sensitive information stored on desktops and laptops by employing authentication from password to hardware token, biometrics, and PKI, starting right at pre-boot time. WinMagic’s award-winning products fulfill the requirements of even the most security conscious users by focusing on concrete security features and, at the same time, by offering unparalleled flexibility.

The readers and editors of Information Security™ magazine and SearchSecurity.com have recently selected WinMagic’s flagship data encryption solution, SecureDoc, as a Readers’ Choice Award winner in the Best of Encryption 2014 category. According to the write up announcing the winners, “Readers told [the editors] that SecureDoc not only handled most of what you’d typically encounter in an enterprise, but that it did it in a way that’s not difficult on users.”

“Origin is proud to be appointed as the new distribution partner for WinMagic and look forward to developing the product offering in the UK reseller channel.  ‘Cordial stated’ with our expertise in the self-encrypted drive marketplace (SED) we are perfectly positioned to offer a complete managed  solution  incorporating  WinMagic  and SED’s.” —Origin Storage

 “Like Origin Storage, we have been in business for over a decade. Our alliance with Origin is driven by our proven expertise and vision full disk encryption is necessary to any optimized data security strategy, which is accomplished through SED’s and key management. As business evolves, so must the technology that supports it. So we have evolved SecureDoc to lead this conversation. We are really looking forward to working with Origin to get our product out in front of the right people while allowing our customers to focus on their business goals, and not on technical details.”—Darin Welfare, Vice President and Country Manager of EMEA for WinMagic

Concerning the new alliance, Origin Storage will continue to deliver technology expertise and support to its reseller channel partners. As the industry leader in launching emerging products, Origin Storage provides highly responsive service levels—investing heavily in training and development, as well as expertise in sales and marketing.

About WinMagic Inc.

WinMagic Inc. provides the world’s most secure, manageable and easy-to–use data security solutions. WinMagic’s SecureDoc is a comprehensive encryption and security management product that can manage data security across the enterprise. By encrypting entire disks, specific files or folders locally or on the network as well as mobile devices and removable media, SecureDoc secures your data wherever it is stored, providing enterprise grade data security policy and key management across all operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux. SecureDoc is trusted by thousands of enterprises and government organizations worldwide. Our solutions help organizations to minimize business risks, meet privacy/regulatory compliance requirements, and protect valuable information assets against unauthorized access. With a full complement of professional and customer services, WinMagic supports over 6 million SecureDoc users in more than 80 countries.

For more information about WinMagic, please visit www.winmagic.com