With 2018 coming to a close, Origin Storage is reflecting on an eventful year. With the launch of our own encrypted flash drive (the SC100) and DataLockers advanced K300, we have continued to ensure that we are at the front of the pack in driving innovation throughout the industry. We also expanded our team across the UK this year; and celebrated the company’s milestones with a late summer trip to Barcelona (we’re still on the high from that one).

Perhaps most notable though, has been the move of our sales and accounts team to office premises in Rutland. Located just off the A1 at Stretton, the office move underlines the hard work put in by all of our team and stands as a testament to Origin’s commitment to growth and expansion as we go into 2019.

Of the move, Managing Director Andy Cordial said: “I am very excited to build on our recent success which has brought about the need to expand and move into larger premises. My ambition is to continue on our sustainable growth plan within the UK and look to expand into EMEA in 2019 and beyond. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, staff and suppliers for your loyalty, hard work and dedication during 2018 and wish you a great Christmas and a prosperous 2019!”

Here are some pictures of the new home of sales and accounts; watch this space as we decorate and make it our own!

Team Comments:

“[It is a] great new space to move us forward.” Robert Dunn, Account Manager

“Moving to the new Office is obviously an indicator that the company is doing well and is fully prepared to invest in its business. It looks more professional and reflects well Origin’s need to grow in the UK and abroad.” Olivier Arsonneau, French Territory Manager

“The premises shows everyone how we have and want to continue to grow.” Thomas Hames, Sales Manager

“This is much more of a professional work space, a sales floor is exactly what is needed to build a team environment.” Shaun Pardoe, Senior Accounts 

“It’s the perfect Christmas present, and another exciting indication of where Origin Storage is going in the future. A warm, colourful office for a warm, colourful team.” Tom Bentley, Account Manager

“Though I’ve only been here six months, seeing how far the business has progressed is phenomenal and is a testament to the tirelessly hard work the team puts in. Ain’t no stopping us now!” Claire Fox, Marketing Manager

“It’s quality, bringing opportunities for further expansion, as well as professional, well organised, fun, and exciting.. Hang on …they are all the same attributes of working for Origin storage!” Greg Hammond, Account Manager