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RMA Request Form

11th June 2019

If your product has developed a fault and is not working properly it may be due to a hardware fault that will require you to return the product to us for repair or replacement.

However before requesting an RMA Number to return a product we would advise raising a support request on-line so that our Technical Support team can perform some troubleshooting as some issues can be resolved without returning the product.

Our Technical Support team will advise if a return is required and may direct you here to complete an online RMA Request form so that we can issue an RMA Number under which you can return the faulty item.

There are other occasions where you will need to request an RMA Number to return a product, these may include:

  • Dead On Arrival (DOA) claims
  • Incorrect product received
  • Incorrectly ordered product(s)

To request an RMA Number please click on the following link and complete all the details requested.

RMA Request Form

RMA Terms and Conditions

How Long Will My Return Take To Process?

11th June 2019

The time it takes to complete a return varies depending on when the product is received and what actions need to be taken.

To give a rough idea this scale shows the average time for different actions:

  • Testing only (2-3 days)
  • Repairs (2-3 days)
  • Replacements (1-2 days)
  • Credits/Refunds (2-4 days)

At peak times these times may regrettably increase, in the event of delays you shall be informed by your support representative.

Shipping Defective Products

11th June 2019

Once you have your RMA number, you should package the faulty product and any supplied accessories into a secure cardboard box or other suitable means of packaging.

The packaging should provide the drive with adequate protection, so as to prevent further damage whilst in transit to Origin Storage. Static sensitive devices such as hard drives and memory should be protected by suitable anti-static packaging such as an ESD shielding bag.  Failure to package the returned item properly could result in further damage to the product and/or invalidate its warranty.

You should clearly address the package to the address supplied by the support representative at the time of issuing the RMA number. The RMA number should also be written on the exterior of the package/carton and all paperwork, retaining a record of it for your own records. This allows us to ensure that your package is processed in the quickest time possible, and packages received without a valid and/or missing RMA number on the exterior of the package may encounter delays.

Origin Storage recommends that all units returned for warranty repair or replacement be returned by a suitable method. A suitable method is one that requires a signature on delivery and is insured against loss or damage, as this will protect you should there be any problems in transit.

Once Origin Storage receives the defective product, an engineer will book the drive into our system and an engineer will be assigned to repair or replace the defective product.

The normal turnaround time on faulty products is two to three days, stock permitting, and once complete the repaired or replaced product will be returned to you using our insured couriers.

At peak times the repair/replace time may regrettably increase, in the event of delays you shall be informed by your support representative.

Obtaining An RMA Number

11th June 2019

Origin Storage’s warranty procedure requires some basic troubleshooting to be performed before repairing or replacing a defective product. This troubleshooting is for your convenience as often most Origin Storage products are not defective and do not need to be returned.

You will require the following when contacting Origin Storage’s Technical Support and should have this to hand before logging a support request.

• Personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.)

• Product information (product type and serial number)

• Computer information (make, model, operating system, etc.)

• Description of problem or error messages received

You can submit a support request using the “New support ticket” link above.

Once the Origin Storage Support representative has finished troubleshooting the problem, you may be required to fill in a returns request form before you return the product for repair or replacement. You will then be issued with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) number.