Origin Storage is introducing the new revolutionary GO LED Backpack by Port Designs. The new backpack has an integrated indicator light display. Made for mobility and commuting, GO LED backpack has a flashing LED panel increasing visibility during journeys, sport activities and leisure trips.

Developed for cyclists, joggers, skaters and even scooter and roller use, it brings an increased security and visibility day and night thanks to the flashing LED panel and its light reflective bands. The LED system can display 4 extra visible navigation signs (left turn, forward, right turn, stop/danger) to inform of direction changes. The LED panel is controlled by a wireless remote control that can be placed on a handlebar or in the dedicated shoulder strap pocket.

Main features include:

  • Integrated indicator light LED system
  • intuitive wireless remote control
  • 360 degree visibility light reflective bands
  • 15.6″ laptops and 9/10″ tablet compartments
  • Translucent rain cover

Watch the video below to discover more about the new LED backpack