Origin Storage is proud to present the NEW secure storage command centre that helps companies protect sensitive information, no matter where it goes.

The new Encryption Management Platform is brought by Datalocker, leading provider of encryption solutions. This advanced management platform helps companies with multiple encrypted endpoints track the location and use of sensitive data and intellectual property around the globe.

How does EMP Work?

  • Inventory: Monitor all your encrypted endpoints, including their global location
  • Auditing: See which files are saved or deleted from Datalocker endpoints at any given time
  • Control: Enforce policies, such as password rules, file-type restrictions or geographical boundaries, across multiple encrypted endpoints
  • Reporting: Gain a big-picture view of Datalocker encrypted endpoints across the globe

Currently compatible with DataLocker Sentry flash drives and DL3 external hard drives, EMP will soon be integrated with EncryptDisc self-encrypting optical media and SkyCrypt cloud encryption gateway for compatibility with DataLocker’s full suite of encryption solutions.

DataLocker EMP is available as a secure cloud-hosted service or a hardware appliance that clients can quickly install on-premise.

Restrict Connected Computers

Restrict the use of encrypted devices to one computer or a set of computers with DataLocker’s proprietary DL Link capabilities. This is a powerful tool for data loss prevention (DLP), included with your DataLocker EMP license.

About DataLocker

DataLocker (datalocker.com) is an innovative provider of encryption solutions. DataLocker products secure systems, media, external storage and cloud services for governments, military and enterprises around the world.DataLocker products combine superior convenience and usability with state of the art security. DataLocker is “Simply Secure.”