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Enigma SED

A quick and cost effective way to secure the laptops of Mobile Workers

What is Enigma?

In short, Enigma SED is an “All-in-one-box” solution for people looking to upgrade their computers from using unencrypted hard drives to encrypted hard drives.

Enigma SED - The Solution

The way it works

If your working on a computer which is currently using unencrypted methods, or your just fed up with the slow speeds of conventional encryption software, upgrading to a hardware platform could be just what you need.

The problem you face is how? Some companies offer various types of hardware, others, software, but in order for you to upgrade you need to put it all together.

The Enigma solution does all the hardwork for you. Inside the box you get the hard drive of your choosing, fully encrypted of course, the software to copy it all to your new drive, and the special locking software to make the encrypted drive only accessible to YOU.

Why upgrade to Enigma?

Apart from the obvious reasons, paramount of which is keeping your data safe, Enigma is primarily hardware based. Incorporating the latest 256 Bit AES hardware encrypted 2.5" hard drives, Enigma SED solutions provide permanent full disk encryption on the fly.

Relying purely on a software derivative can not only leave you waiting around for hours but actually be quite unsecure. Software only may seem cheaper, but by the time you factor in licensing, lag time and its inherent insecurities, you'll wish you made the jump to Enigma.

Enigma SED is the solution that allows you to implement a mobile encryption policy for mobile system quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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